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Newsletter March 23

In this issue:

  • Zoom Soul Space Topic for this week’s gathering Wednesday March 15th 7.00 p.m.

  • The future of religion Notes and resources

  • Was Jesus a Christian? Notes and resources

  • Celtic theology: focusing on the theme of Interwoven Threads: notes and resources

  • Future Soul Space dates and topics/spiritual practice

  • Local events of interest

  • Poems and prayers

2022 Awakening: A Spaceforsoul publication    

March 2022

A rule to live by

Progressive voices: John Shelby Spong 

Progressive perspectives: The doctrine of

original sin

Exploring spiritual practice: Engaging in sacred ritual 

Discovering the mystics: St Teresa of Avila 

A review of 'Why Christianity must change or die' by John Shelby Spong  

July 2022

Faith without creeds

Progressive voices: Mary Oliver

Progressive perspectives: Finding salvation 

Exploring spiritual practice: The art of soul journaling

Discovering the mystics: Khalil Gibran  

A review of 'Pillars: How Muslim friends led me closer to Jesus'. By Rachel Pieh Jones


2021 Awakening: A Spaceforsoul publication    

April 2021

On being a mystic 

Progressive voices: Mirabai Starr

Progressive perspectives: Spiritual practice

The power of mystical experience 

Discovering the mystics: Julian of Norwich

A review of 'Prayers of the Cosmos' by Neil Douglas-Klotz   

November 2021

The interspiritual age 

Progressive voices: Sue Monk Kidd

Progressive perspectives: The Divine Feminine 

Exploring spiritual practice: Meditation and the breath

Discovering the mystics: Jalaluddin Rumi

July 2021

People of the earth

Progressive voices: Richard Rohr

Progressive perspectives: What is prayer? 

Discovering the mystics: Hildegaard of Bingen

'Imagination, not nostalgia' by Dave Tomlinson 

2020 Awakening: A Spaceforsoul publication    

March 2020

This storm will pass

Progressive perspectives: Making sense of the Bible                                                            

Progressive voices:  Rob Bell 

The spiritual practice of working with mandalas    

July 2020

You are therefore I am: A declaration of independence 

Progressive perspectives: In search of God 

Progressive voices: Parker Palmer 

The practice of community 

'Acceptance' by guest writer: Anna Jeffery Book review: Steve Chalke 'The Lost Message of Paul'  

November 2020

Showing up
Progressive voices: Marcus Borg
Progressive perspectives: Re-imaging Jesus

Walking a labyrinth

A review of 'Shameless: A sexual reformation' by Nadia Bolz-Weber

A review of 'The Gift of Prayer: Embracing the Sacred in the everyday' by Margaret Silf   

2019 Awakening: A Spaceforsoul publication    

March 2019   


The way of compassion

The practice of compassion

Progressive movements: The Charter for Compassion         


July 2019

The spiritual journey

Progressive voices: Rachel Held Evans 

The practice of caring for our bodies 

December 2019 

On being a bad Christian 

Progressive perspectives: What is

progressive Christianity?

Progressive voices: Dave Tomlinson

The path of spiritual accompaniment                                                         

2018 newsletters

February 2018

The way of love

Progressive voices: Beth Nielsen Chapman

Progressive movements: The Quakers

May 2018

Embracing the sea change

Progressive voices: Brian McLaren

Progressive movements: Westar Institute

Lectio Divina: The art of sacred reading

September 2018

Beyond patriarchy

Progressive voices: Sister Joan Chittister

Centring prayer: A contemplative spiritual practice 

December 2018

Seeking what unites us

Progressive voices: Brother Wayne Teasdale

The practice of rest


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