The Ethos of Spaceforsoul

Our community is rooted in a progressive Christian spirituality which is open, inclusive and holistic. It recognises the value of personal spiritual experience and emphasises the primacy of love and compassion.


It values difference and diversity and believes in the equality of all people, irrespective of gender, race, culture, sexual orientation and spiritual tradition.


It acknowledges that there are many paths which lead to the Divine and many ways of expressing our unique spirituality. It honours all faiths as responses to the Divine and is  open to learning from genuine inter-faith dialogue.


Our ethos also reflects the person-centred philosophy of the American humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers, with its essentially positive view of human nature, its affirmation of our dignity and worth as human beings and its fundamental belief in our own inner resources and wisdom.

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As a community, we are committed to…

creating a safe space in which we are free to discover and be ourselves and to explore and express our spirituality in ways which are meaningful for us  


offering each other unconditional acceptance and understanding and to being open and genuine with each other

respecting and learning from each other’s thinking and experience and valuing and drawing on each other’s gifts and resources.