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Spaceforsoul produces a quarterly publication called 'Awakening' which is free to anyone who is interested. As well as the latest news about Spaceforsoul, each edition contains articles on a wide range of topics and information about resources you can draw on in your journey such as books, websites and podcasts. 


You can download the most recent 2020 editions of Awakening below. If you would like us to email you each new publication as it comes out, you can ask us to put you on our mailing list by contacting us at   

You can also access our previous publications from 2017 to 2019 by visiting the Publications Archive page.    

Awakening 2020 

March 2020

This storm will pass

Progressive perspectives: Making sense of the Bible                                                                                 

Progressive voices:  Rob Bell 

The spiritual practice of working with mandalas    

July 2020

You are therefore I am: A declaration of independence 


Progressive perspectives: In search of God 


Progressive voices: Parker Palmer 


The practice of community 

'Acceptance' by guest writer: Anna Jeffery  

Book review: Steve Chalke 'The Lost Message of Paul'  

November 2020

Showing up

Progressive voices: Marcus Borg

Progressive perspectives: Re-imaging Jesus


Walking a labyrinth 

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