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Our Patron, the Revd. Dave Tomlinson 

Dave Tomlinson is a retired Church of England priest, the author of seven books and a passionate promoter of progressive Christian theology and practice. He has been variously described as ‘a distinctly alternative clergyman’ and ‘a liberal evangelist’. He is perhaps best known for three of his later books entitled ‘How to Be a Bad Christian’, ‘A Bad Christian’s Manifesto’ and ‘Black Sheep and Prodigals’ in which he introduces us to a new approach to the Christian faith which goes beyond doctrine and dogma. 

Dave is a widely travelled speaker and regularly broadcasts on Radio 2’s ‘Pause for Thought’. He is also a qualified teacher of the Enneagram and a Trustee of the Greenbelt festival. 

Spaceforsoul Co-ordinating Group 

The day-to-day running of our community is led by the Spaceforsoul Co-ordinating Group which is elected annually by our membership. Currently, it consists of eight people, all of whom are volunteers. Each of them brings their own unique experience, skills and resources to the group.

Our Founder and Chair, Kaitlyn Steele 

By profession, Kaitlyn is a psychologist, therapist, spiritual director, teacher and writer. She is the author of ‘Sacred Space: Embracing the spiritual in person-centred therapy’ and of a forthcoming book entitled 'The Song of Soul: An invitation to the journey of becoming.'

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I joined Space For Soul in November 2020 thanks to my wife who found SFS Bristol knowing that I was desperate for a wider horizon in my spiritual journey than was being offered by the church we were members of. My background is in social care, education, and political activism, as well as care roles in my personal life. My spiritual journey is incredibly important to me and I so welcome the opportunity to share and learn alongside others.