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Progressive/interfaith organisations and resources:


Bristol Interfaith Group

A Bristol-based forum for religious groups


Centre for Action and Contemplation

Provides contemplative programmes and resources


Charter for Compassion

A global interfaith movement dedicated to creating and supporting compassionate communities, institutions, and networks of all types that are dedicated to becoming compassionate presences in the world


A progressive Christian political think tank



An inclusive arts, faith and justice festival


Inclusive Church

Works to support, and challenge the church to be open and inclusive to all people

Interfaith Network

Works to build good relations between people of different faiths and beliefs, promoting mutual respect and understanding


Works for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian and bisexual people in Christian churches


Living Spirituality

Seeks to bring together the contemplative and active dimensions of life, broadly rooted within the Christian tradition

Living the Questions (LtQ)

Produces a range of flexible resources for progressive Christians


On Being

A series of online conversations and podcasts with a spiritual theme hosted by Krista Tippett


An interfaith organisation that seeks to host a broad-based conversation on faith 

Progressive Christianity

An organisation hat offers thoughtful and practical resources for individuals, families, and communities to explore progressive Christianity, spirituality, community life, social and environmental justice 

Progressive Christianity Network (PCN Britain)

Works to promote and support open and contemporary Christian understanding.


Network of Spiritual Progressives

Seeks to transform our materialist and corporate-dominated society into a caring society through consciousness raising, advocacy, and public awareness campaigns that promote a 'New Bottom Line' based on generosity, peace, and social transformation 


Spirituality & Practice

A multi-faith, inter-spiritual website which seeks to resource people’s spiritual journeys


The Deconstructionists Podcast

A podcast about building new faith that requires us to deconstruct a little in order to construct  

Westar Institute

A non-profit, public-benefit research and educational organization that is dedicated to fostering and communicating the results of cutting-edge scholarship on the history and evolution of the Christian tradition

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