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an inclusive, open-minded spiritual community
which supports and resources people on

their individual spiritual journeys 

Spaceforsoul is a progressive spiritual community based in the UK. We welcome people from any faith background or none and from all walks of life including ethnic minorities and the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Our local Bristol-based group which we call Soulspace is the hub of our community but we also have a much wider online community which reaches people right across the UK.  

To find out about the ethos of Spaceforsoul, click here.   

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Spaceforsoul is for those of us who...

  • want to know more about progressive forms of spirituality 


  • are seeking for a space in which to feel safe and supported enough to explore our spirituality journeys freely 

  • do not feel we ‘fit’ easily within organised religion or might describe ourselves as 'spiritual but not religious' 

  • want the freedom to explore the doubts, questions and  uncertainties we may be wrestling with

  • want to engage in genuine, open-minded inter-faith dialogue

Whatever path you have chosen and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are very welcome. 

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