an inclusive, open-minded spiritual community
which supports and resources people on

their individual spiritual journeys 

Spaceforsoul is a progressive spiritual community based in Bristol, UK. It is rooted in progressive Christianity but also draws on the wealth of wisdom and inspiration in other spiritual traditions. It is a community in which people feel safe and supported enough to explore and share their spiritual journeys, whatever their chosen path.


It welcomes people from any faith background or none and from all walks of life including ethnic minorities and the LGBTQ community. It seeks in the words of the Irish writer, John O'Donohue, to 'make time for soul.'  

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Next Soulspace meeting

Our meetings have been suspended until social restrictions are lifted.  


Spaceforsoul is for those of us who...

do not feel we ‘fit’ within organised religion

might describe ourselves as 'spiritual but not

religious' or spiritually independent 

are following alternative spiritual paths or

have not yet found our own path

no longer want to be told what to think or believe 


want the freedom to explore the doubts, questions and uncertainties we may be wrestling with

may be recovering from painful experiences which

have left us questioning our faith

are hungry for a greater spiritual reality in our lives

want to engage in an open-minded inter-faith dialogue

When and where do we meet?

We meet on two Sunday mornings a month at the Old Library in Eastville, Bristol.

For further information, click here.


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